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Help boost your system's performance with MemTurbo.


Helps to optimize the performance of physical memory you already have

Advanced File Lock

Advanced File Lock allows you to lock or hide any file with a few clicks.

FinitySoft Memory Manger

Free your PC's memory up easily with FinitySoft Memory Manager.


Login to protected Web sites without having to remember a gazillion passwords. EasyFiller makes it e


LockMagic allows you to encrypt data without any extra passwords.

Macro Keys

Assigns shortcut to large text, saves multiple clipboards and launches programs.

FaceTrueReality Toolbar

FaceTrueReality Community Toolbar — stay connected and get so much more.


If you want a secure and stable internet connection, then look no further.

Windows 8 Beta

It's a simple simulator for Windows 8, disk memory of this software is very low.

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