Related Windows Programs

MY NAME IS KHAN Movie Screensaver

Good things happen to those who do good to others.

TEES MAAR KHAN Movie Screensaver

This screen saver contains images from the Indian movie TEES MAAR KHAN.

Anis Khan Toolbar

With the search engine you can find almost anything you need.

Kid Mystic

Fight random battles to earn Experience and Coins making yourself more powerful

THANK YOU Movie Screensaver

THANK YOU Movie Screensaver is a nice and easy to manipulate screensaver.

Noyon khan Toolbar

Noyon khan Toolbar has available versions for different browser's.

Cocktail Movie Theme

This theme contain some wallpapers based on Indian movies to color your desktop.


Mongol is a game in which players start as recruits in the Mongolian Army.

KA Lite

Turn your PC into an webserver for viewing downloaded Khan Academy videos.

Space Dude Warrior

There you will have to fight big redish aliens. Those monsters are no fun.

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