Related Windows Programs


Assembly Language XOR File encrypter featuring USB key support


Extremely compact and simple Assembly Language XOR encrypter

Solid Encryption

File and clipboard encryption using the unbreakable otp-algorithm.

Password Depot

Password Depot is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager


Lock and block access to files of every type and even whole directory structures

Polar ZIP

A professional, royalty free Zip/Unzip component available as an ActiveX and a dll. Includes the sel


FileEncryptor is a small and powerful freeware utility that is capable of encrypting any file on you


Plagiarism-Detector is a personal software tool designed to effectively detect, report and in this w

Signature Cryptographer

The program intends to protect the valuable information from unauthorized access

SFX Creator

Small free tool to produce highly secure selfextracting encrypted files.

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