Related Windows Programs


Spadille is a multi-purpose program designed for the Ace of Spades game.

LoL Strategy Builds Toolbar

LoL Strategy Builds Toolbar is a very powerful search engine.

LoL Blocks

LoL Blocks is an enjoyable game in which you must drag and move blocks.


LoLReplay is a tool to record your past League of Legends matches.

MB Free Sibling Compatibility Test

This is an astrology sibling compatibility test based on Western astrology.

Enneagram Pro

It is an informative software that helps you understand your personality type.

MB Free Parent Compatibility Test

Fun software that will bring light into the mysteries of parenthood.

MB Numerology Suite II

It can help you understand more about the vibrations of numbers and their effects on your life.

Power BibleCD Demo

Power BibleCD is designed to simplify the Bible for its understanding.


Understand is very efficient at collecting metrics about the code it analyzes.

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