Related Windows Programs

Magnum Opus

Gives the power of the most recent advances in association discovery technology.

PC Magnum

PC Magnum takes the grind out of keeping your PC clean.


MCS-CONNECT allows monitoring the status of the micro controller in real time.


Alex the Allegator 4 1.1 is a game where you control Alex the alligator.

Snow Walk Solitaire

Help Alex and July find their beloved puppy in a winter forest.

Doctor Alex Antispyware

Doctor Alex Antispyware 2.6 is a free program to detect and remove spyware.

Affai Bureau

Solve mysterious crimes as he begins his own Affair Bureau.

Mega Games 4in

Mega Games 4in 1 is completely free collection of four SEGA games.

RVL Hacker

Use your intelligence to stop another catastrophic attack over the Net.


To my surprise, Vmount utility is the one that got most of the feedback so far.

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