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It offers a 15-question practice section for each type of GMAT question.

Mastersoft Mobile Solutions BrainSchool

This is a brain trainer with 20 amazingly addictive and FUN puzzles.


Is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.

Brain Workout

It is a collection of 5 types of games with 6 games under each category.

Cepstral Matthias

Cepstral Matthias is a high-quality synthetic voice addon for SwiftTalker.

Brain Workout 3

Brain Workout 3 is a set of games designed to improve our mental performance.

Dispatch Anywhere

Internet based professional towing software and fleet management software


A software solution for handling incoming and outgoing phone calls based on AI voice processing feat


Experts agree that the SAT Verbal section is mostly a vocabulary test.

Verbal Vanquish

Verbal Vanquish is a smart and useful application which will help you improve your score on entran

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