Related Windows Programs

Web Proxy Checker

Check SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS proxies with and without authentication.

Free friend adder

Accept Friends feature that allows you to accept all pending friend request.


A Win95/NT implementation of the Line Printer Daemon protocol ( LPR / LPD ). It will accept print jo


Regardless if you need targeted or untargeted emails, MailCrawl is what you should use. It detects e

Encrypted Button Generator

Easily create PayPal Web Accept buttons offline and then encrypt them


Run NetStress and record the benchmark results for later reference.

Alax.Info NTFS Links

A set of shell extensions to manipulate soft and hard NTFS links

GnuWin32: Calc

Calc for Windows is an arbitrary precision calculator.

Mocha W32 LPD

It gives your AS/400 or UNIX system access to local Printers.


1D-NEST: Powerful, simple and efficient Linear Cutting Optimizer

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