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FWD Area

Calculate normalized deflections, area value, and bubgrade moduli from FWD data.


Postbox will help you stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react


ELMOD is an acronym for Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design.

FWD Data Analysis

Use deflection data to determine pavement structural capacity

Outlook Attachment and Picture Extractor

Outlook Attachment and Picture Extractor can save your outlook attachments.


PCASE is a software for the design and evaluation of airfields and roadways.

Resend Message for Outlook Express & Windows Mail

Free plug-in to resend and email message in Outlook Express and Windows Mail.


It performs back calculation of pavement layer modulus values.

Algodoo TE

It's a software education tool, deeply integrated and optimized for SMART Board.

Swansoft Assembly Simulation

The software support automatic assembly and disassembly.

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