Related Windows Programs

Security Pack

The Microsoft WF Security Pack illustrate how to enable security scenarios


The Across Language Server is the central platform for translation processes.

Panda Managed Office Protection

Panda Cloud Office Protection is a security solution for PCs and servers.

Family Manager

Perfect for organizing and coaching services to help you reach your goals

Squirrel Shell

Cross-platform alternative to system shells like sh & cmd.exe .

Active Administrator

Active Administrator speeds and simplifies numerous administrative tasks.

IPMPlus Workgroup/Enterprise Agent

IPMPlus Enterprise Edition delivers outstanding support for your business.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

Web-based Windows Active Directory Management Tool for IT Administrators


It is an easy to use task manager tool that helps you keep track of your inbox.

Microsoft Lync Basic 2013

It allows you make video calls, start online meetings or send instant messages.

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