Related Windows Programs

HealthWatch Pro

HealthWatch Pro can be used to process and manage health data.

Thorns 3D

Growing 3D thorns burst on your computer screen


It's a geo-spatial implementation of the Water Requirements Satisfaction Index.

Research Express

A software Research Express runs a Microbiology Reader Bioscreen C.

Growth Predictor

Growth Predictor provides models for predicting the growth of organisms.


The postprocessor WUFI-Bio allows to assess the risk of mould growth.

Growth Analyser

Growth Analyser contains teaching and analysis tools

ReliaSoft RGA

It allows you to apply reliability growth models to analyze data.

WHO AnthroPlus

WHO AnthroPlus helps you keep track of the children's growth.


Varroa Pop simulates the growth of Varroa mite population in honey bee colonies.

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