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This tool is designed to help you generate random passwords easily.

G4FON Koch Method Morse Trainer

A great tool for training with the Morse Code using the Koch Method

Translator Fun Voice Pack

Translator Fun Voice Pack is a voice pack for MorphVOX.

CLEA Exercise - The Flow of Energy out of the Sun

Illustrates the statistical nature of radiative transfer stellar atmospheres.

Atmorex Fluids

Very convenient and powerful tool for producing various fluid wave effects in Adobe After Effects 5.


Easy-to-use random password generator and password keeper.

SuperCool Random Number Generator

A random sampling, random number generator and random selection software utility.

Truly Random

Truly Random uses high quality pseudo random generator.

Random Generator for Microsoft Excel

Random Generator for Excel - generating random values, custom lists, passwords.


WallSwitch is an application that automatically cycles your desktop wallpaper.

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