Related Windows Programs

TAB Player

DAISY book software player designed for blind and visually impaired persons.

TypeIt ReadIt

A free and useful tool to have your texts read aloud using TTS technology.

VP Algebra

Presents the algebra equations visually for the sighted teachers and students.

Mermaid Poker

Mermaid Poker is a tool that simulates the casino gaming experience.

BG Scrabble

BG Scrabble allows up to four players to play the popular word game, Scrabble.


You will teach the blind typing method with pleasure and fun!


Mozekty is a free fast tool to play, record and share your audio streams.

Betway.com Poker

A unique and interesting game that helps you earn some money and also to relax in your free time.

TPB Reader

A free and fully accessible reader for DAISY 2.0 and 2.02 digital talking books.

Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer

Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer

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