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Program makes it possible to create the optical effects of lens and mirror of arbitrary curvature, r

Virtual Null Modem

Emulate one or more couples of RS-232 ports connected via null-modem cable.

Cepstral Matthias

Cepstral Matthias is a high-quality synthetic voice addon for SwiftTalker.


CPU Monitor is a lightweight Java app that uses Secure Shell.

Silver Efex Pro

A photo-editor plug-in for performing fine adjustments on b&w photos.

Visual Access Compare

Visual Access Compare (VAC) Visual Access Compare is a tool for


A graphic interface with two quantum calculation programs (MOPAC V6 and GAMESS).

OfficeOne ShowMouse

OfficeOne ShowMouse keep the mouse displayed during slide shows.

Extra Password Eudemon

Extra Password Eudemon is a password manager and database.

Auto Debug Professional

Auto Debug Professional is a Windows API monitoring tool.

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