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Stay Connected!

Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? Stay Connected! can help solve all you

LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar

LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar allows you to easily build your LinkedIn network.

Speed Master

Optimize your Internet connection and download performance.

World News Screensaver

World News Screensaver brings all the current events to your desktop.

Transparent Window Manager

Transparent Window Manager helps you to manage your windows settings.

Little Robot Guy

You are a flying robot who must collect fuel and dodge meteors to survive!

Book Accounts

Track and budget your financial information in one place


FreeCall is a client for making VoIP (voice over IP) calls.

Foundstone HackPack

McAfee Foundstone HackPack™ is a tool designed to aid security software.

instant Lock Lite

Instant Lock locks private folders protecting them against unwanted access.

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