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Active Port Pro

A lot of developers programming in the Windows environment often come

Bits and Bytes - Lesson

First lesson of the Bits & Bytes collection about Problem Solving and technology


QSopt is a linear programming solver that provides a callable function library.

Algorithm of the Gods

It is an algorithm that solves problems like Travelling Salesman's problem.

ComputerExpert 2007

ComputerExpert 2007 is Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering help

ComputerExpert 2009

ComputerExpert 2009 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help and tutoria

Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools

The Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools provides a separate library .


WiSwitch can be used to connect / disconnect from the internet.

TurboC 7 by Akki

With this program, now you can run Turbo C in full screen any time.

Microsoft Fix it

Microsoft Fix it is a tool that solves a particular problem in Windows.

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