Related Windows Programs

PUI (Program Uninstall Information)

Allows users to view and modify the uninstall string for installed programs.

DirectX Joystick

Delphi and C++ Builder component for retrieving joystick position and status.


This software operates only with Windows 98, Millenium, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Advanced HTML TOC

Program creates table of contents (TOC) of HTML files from header

eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo!

Ebay toolbar featuring yahoo is tool for online shopping and access to yahoo.

Yahoo Pal

Adds some features and bypasses some limitation imposed by Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo IMAP Connector

Yahoo IMAP Connector helps manage your Yahoo! mail from your desktop.

Yahoo Mass Messenger FREE

It allows you to send the same message to Yahoo users from a list.

Yahoo Messenger Password

Yahoo Messenger Password is a password recovery tool.

DownloaderXL Free

Free quotes for stocks, indices, mutual funds, futures, options, and dividends.

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