Related Windows Programs


It allows the creation of models that simulate business processes and scenarios.

Zocalo Exp

Zocalo is a toolkit for building prediction markets.

Embla Enterprise System

Embla's Enterprise™ System is an integrated business management solution.

Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor defends your computer against malware attacks.

uMark Professional

uMark by Uconomix is useful tool to secure your online images and photos.

Myst IV - Revelation

The fates of Sirrus and Achenar are finnaly learned by the players in Myst IV Revelation.

PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation

It's a statistical program for performing power and sample size calculations.


Provides a structured graphical interface for creating automation projects.

Win@Baccarat Gold with the Predictor System

Baccarat system will prove its baccarat strategy works. Win 2 of 3 casino shoes.

Blast Zone

In Blast Zone you will take on the role of D-Tox and save him from death

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