Related Windows Programs


LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

EMS SQL Manager 2007 for Oracle

State-of-the-art GUI tool for Oracle administration and development.


FTB2800 is a memory management program for the FT-2800M FM transceiver.


FTBasicMMO provides memory management for the FT-8x7 series transceivers.


A CAT control program for Yaesu transceivers, VR-5000 and FRG-100 receivers.


spAnalyzer is a tool which provides analysis of text report files .

Morovia QRCode Fontware & Writer SDK

QRCode Fontware&Writer SDK is the ultimate tool box to print QR Code symbols.

Java Access Bridge

It helps the Windows based Assistive Technology to interact with the Java AAPI.

Absolute Beginner's Series VWD VB Lesson 10

Tenth lesson of the Absolute Beginner's Series VWD VB about wrapping up!

DVDBackupXpress DVD Ripper

A free DVD burner and Backup utility with various interesting features

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