Related Windows Programs

CH Control Manager

The Control Manager software allows a user to program their CH USB devices.

SoftIntegration Ch Standard Edition

Ch Standard Edition offers a very high-level language (VHLL) environment.

SoftIntegration Ch Student Edition

C/C++ compatible interactive platform for scientific computing and scripting.

CH Robotics Serial Interface

CH Robotics Serial Interface is a PC Software for communicating with devices


AIS is a system that ships use to communicate their positions.

DMX Studio 64 ver.

The software “DMX Studio” was written to be used with PC-DMX interfaces.

Media Center TCP/IP Controller

Provides a way to monitor state and control Windows Media Center.


ProScan is an all-in-one computer aided scanning program.

Domain Name Analyzer v4

It is a domain name lookup utility with a simple n clean user interface.


Powercon is a network management software for your network traffic.

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