Related Windows Programs


It allows to solve magnetic, electrostatic, heat flow and current flow problems.

Math HomeWork Maker

Homework Maker is free software which can solve all your homework.

Personal Algebra Tutor

The Personal Algebra Tutor is a comprehensive algebra problem solver.

Reg Repair

With Reg Repair you to find all types of problems related to windows registry.


Three different iq tests with 36 unique problems each similar to the Mensa test.

PC HealthPack

Improves and optimize your computer speed and fix PC problems.

Linear Algebra Decoded

This app for solving problems about matrices, vectors and linear transformation.


uliGo is a program to practice solving go problems.

Windows Media Diagnostic Tool

A tool allowing to build a file for Microsoft's customer service

Hammer Call Analyzer

Quickly identifying the source and root cause of network problems.

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