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Word Menu

word reference tool - words organized by subject matter

Code File Preview Handler

Code File Preview Handler is an add-on for Tim Heuer products.

Activities and Priorities

Activities and Priorities (AAP) shows what is the most important now to keep your life balanced and


Software that is built to make life and tasks handling much easier.


JWP is a freeware Japanese word processor and is available free to anyone.

Life Manager Pro

Life Manager Pro is a website that features resources.

Point Tweaker

Point Tweaker is a free plugin developed by Stephen Vincent.


A skin for WinAmp, offering you a picture with Stephen Gregory Yzerman.

Break Blocks - Early Adopters Edition

"Casual Game for Gamers" that's easy to jump into, but difficult to master

English Country Tune Demo

Is a collection of puzzle games built around a strong central theme.

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