Related Windows Programs

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a real-time payment transaction processing software.

ACH Editor - EBC1351

CH Editor provides businesses with the capacity to set up ACH transactions.

Windmaster Calculator

Determine the rate of air flow required for your specific application.


Shows how to think about a problem when the info is incomplete or ambiguous.

Mapsoft TOCBuilder

The TOCBuilder tool allows you to create a Table of Contents for a document.

Deposit Checks QuickBooks Module

Using the NELiX TransaX QuickBooks® Module you can pay your vendors with ACH.

E-Payment Integrator ActiveX Edition

E-Payment Integrator includes components for Credit Card & Electronic Check.

NELiX TransaX FleXPort

FleXPort is a Collection of Sample Programming Code for Gateway Integration


Creates ACH files from your Excel, CSV and user-defined text files.

ezAch Deposit

Create NACHA ACH files for fast electronic fund transfers.

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