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Filter Forge Freepack 2 - Photo Effects

A Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate texturesand visual effects.


It allows you to design low pass, high pass, and band pass filters.

Power Music Editor

Power Music Editor is a visual audio editor and recorder software solution. You can use Power Music


Is your network free from pornography? NetOptima Professional stops pornography before it enters you

Mailbox Filter

Mailbox Filter is the spam filter that automatically learns to think like you.

DC Millennium

DC Millennium is the best affordable Noise Reduction software ever created.

Naturpic Audio Editor

Naturpic Audio Editor is a visual audio editor, recorder, converter and player.

AV-DIY Audio Editor

AV-DIY Audio Editor is an ideal and efficient audio editing and audio production tool for profession

Music Editing Master

Music Editing Master is an efficient and powerful audio editing and audio...

Filter Wiz Lite

It is a lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop filter types designer.

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