Related Windows Programs

Freaky Creatures

Freaky Creatures is a cross-platform, massively multiplayer online game

Freaky Burn

A free pack of two programs to burn and erase recordable CDs and DVDs.


WikCoffer is a simple application with no freaky search options

Mysterious Cave 3D

Walk at a slow pace through multiple labyrinths of some mysterious cave!

Spongebob Bubble Bursting

Show the thugs at the Thug Tug who's boss--by bustin' bubbles.

Cyberfish 3D Screensaver

Cyberfish 3D Screensaver shows a strange aquarium with cybernetic fish.


Desktop can have additional benefits if you're using it smartly.

Munchies' Lunch

Munchies' Lunch is an exciting puzzle-adventure game!

Freaky Cows

you are supposed to keep all the cows floating on wooden objects.


SPSS Statistics Base 21.0, is a widely used program for statistical analysis.

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