Related Windows Programs

Cipher Classics

Extremely interesting tool to encode your own messages using historical ciphers.

Wild Metal Country

Wild Metal Country is great if you want to blow something up quickly.

Colin McRae Rally

Colin McRae Rally - a really awesome and very challenging car racing game.

Carl's Classics

Carl's classics is a game platform with 14 different games.

RedBlue Classics

Play the classic games of Othello, Go-Moku and 6 more games against brilliant AI

German Classics

Try German Classics GP! Fast and wild racing game!

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

Holey Puzzle and Board Games, developed by Encore.

Rally Trophy

It is a challenging racing game and the first ”historic" rally simulation.

River raid

River Raid is a shooting game similar to an oldie classic with 2D graphics.

Post-it® Software Notes

Post-it Digital Notes - Helps users remind, communicate & organize on a computer

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