Related Windows Programs

Asterisk Key

This simple tool will help you see the passwords hidden by asterisks.

Clever Keyboard Indicator

The Clever Keyboard Indicator is a program which stays in your Windows system tray and displays "Cap

Key Maker

Keymaker is a small tool which converts a phrase into a secret password.

Keyboard Layout Manager Medium

This program allows you to create and modify Microsoft keyboard layout files.

KeyStore Explorer

A free, open source GUI replacement for the Java command-line utilities.

Key Mapper

Key Mapper is a program for remapping one's keyboard.


Mirrakey provides a Software Licensing Key system that is powerful and flexible.

Disable Key

Disable Key is a program allows you to disable any key on your keyboard.

Media Center TCP/IP Controller

Provides a way to monitor state and control Windows Media Center.


Provides reports on every key & door recorded in any of several key systems

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