Related Windows Programs

Hindi Thoughts Toolbar

It's an amazing tool that can help you stay connected to the Internet.


it is a visual representation of your thoughts taking shape.


Scribble-It is an easy to use program to manage your ideas and thoughts.


A tabbed note manager to keep your notes and thoughts readily available.


Take control of the information in your life through one consolidated interface

Seavus DropMind™

A mind mapping tool that helps you think, manage and share your information

Idea Log

The Idea Log is a journal for your thoughts and ideas.

PerfectJournal - Journaling and Blogging in One

PerfectJournal is a new way of capturing thought and manage your notes.

Sorting Thoughts

Your thoughts are saved in an encrypted database and locked with a password.

Ticno Recorder

An easy-to-use application that enables you to record audio reports.

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