Related Windows Programs

1st TurboRun

1st TurboRun is an application launcher and document finder.

LinkedIn Outlook Connector

Nice connector which manages your LinkedIn contacts from Outlook.

AT&T Labs' Natural Voices Desktop - Arnaud 16k

Contains a sample voice that allows you to test it by using different texts

Top Twenty-Five Solitaire

This collection consists of the twenty-five most popular solitaire.

Type International Characters

A useful taskbar icon that allows quick access to hard-to-find letters.

BornoSoft Accent

You can use your keyboard for writing in different Bangla languages.

Read Plus

This software will help you to listen pdf files or any text of your interest.

Accent ACCESS Password Recovery

The AMPR can recover the passwords in MS Access 95/97/2000.

Spanish Accent Maestro

Develop an authentic accent and pronounce every word like a native spanish.

RealSpeak Australian Karen Voice

RealSpeak Australian Karen Voice is an addon to ClaroRead software.

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