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Microsoft SQL Server

It's a complete set of enterprise-ready technologies and tools

HDD Health

This is a system utility that monitors your hard disk health status constantly.

Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting

Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting is a tool to manage your physician practice

HDD Observer

HDD Observer helps you monitor the health status of your hard disk.


Multiprocessor WAV/MP3 to WAV/MP3 batch converter

Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a fun shooter game that puts you in charge of a squadron.

Critical Seeker

Challenge your observational power with this smart photo hunt game.

Cworks PLUS Trial

Quickly map and locate facilities, assets and critical hotspots using Google Map

HyperV Performance Monitor

HyperV provides monitoring solution for HyperV server

Update for Microsoft Project 2010

Update fixes the issue of a change in the default critical task of a project.

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