Related Windows Programs

Microsoft Transporter Suite

Microsoft Transporter Suite is a set of interoperability and migration tools.

FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL

FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL is a timesaver for database migration to MySQL.

FlySpeed DB Migrate to SQL Server

A timesaver for database migration to MS SQL and data transfer tasks.

Windows Resource Kit Tools

A command-line tool that enables administrator to obtain information about files

Move Me

Move your programs and files to your new computer, leaving new software intact.

Acronis Migrate Easy

Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 is a powerful data migration software.


EzMigration gets you up and running with your new drive quickly and easily.

SwisSQL-Sybase To Oracle

Migrate Sybase Adaptive Server Transact-SQL Procedures to Oracle PL/SQL.

User Profile Wizard

User Profile Wizard is a scalable, enterprise grade, workstation migration tool.

Web Deployment Tool

It simplifies the migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers

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