Related Windows Programs

Cross-Database Software

Single comprehensive working environment for comparing, synchronizing,etc.

SwisSQL - Data Migration Edition

Helps the migration and transfer of database schemas

SwisSQL-Sybase To Oracle

Migrate Sybase Adaptive Server Transact-SQL Procedures to Oracle PL/SQL.

Data Copy Manager

Data Copy Manager is data transfer software for migrating data safely.

SQL Compare

SQL Compare lest you compare databases and deploy SQL Server database schemas.

Move Me

Move your programs and files to your new computer, leaving new software intact.

Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit

File Server Migration Toolkit simplify the consolidation and migration process

File Renamer Ultra 2000

File Renamer Ultra 2000 enables you to perform file renaming operations in entire folders at once. S


Easily migrates your contacts from Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo! to Opera browser.


It's a powerful application for migrating documents, data and metadata.

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