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Polar Bowler

Join a loveable polar bear in a winter wonderland of Arctic fun.

3D Arctic Bear

The Screen Saver is completely free, its 3d graphics, picturesque scenery with dark blue sky and oce

3D Arctic Bear Advanced

Animated polar bear does not only listen and drink but dances and asks for beer

Origami Master

Moko Origami Master 1.0 is a paper 3D constructor for children.

Berenstain Bears The Camping Adventure

From the beginning of the game, the player may access four different levels.

Bears and Bees

Make as many triangles of the same colored honey as you can to feed the bear.

Cute and Cuddly ScreenSaver

Cute and Cuddly ScreenSaver is a nice cartoonish animated screensaver for kids.

Milky Bear Fish Patrol

Milky Bear Fish Patrol is a hilarious arcade game.

Milky Bear Rescue Rocket

Objective of this game is to rescue small creatures.

Tower Bear

You have to help the plush teddy bear overcome the dangers and climb structures.

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