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pinRibbon is a ASP.Net based ribbon bar component.

Ribbon Helper for Office

Ribbon Helper for Office - Activate Ribbon Tabs and Classic Menus without Clicks

Elegant Ribbon

It allows you quickly provide your application with a ribbon user interface.

Classic Menu for Excel 2010

It gives you classic menus to your Office 2007 just like in Office 2003.


Full-featured archive utility to extract, compress, and encrypt archive files.

IDBE Ribbon Creator

The Ribbon Creator is a WYSIWYG interface for the development of Ribbons.

IDBE CmdBar Converter

www.ribboncreator.de/en/?CommandBars_Converter  www.accessribbon.com 

Classic Menu for Access 2010

This add-on brings back classical menus to Access 2010.

Ribbon Finder for Office Enterprise 2007

Ribbon Finder for Office Enterprise 2007 helps you use 5000 commands in Ribbon.

Microsoft Ribbon for WPF October 2010

This release is a managed implementation of the Ribbon for WPF.

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