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conaito VoIP EVO Enterprise SDK

Delivers crystal clear sound even for both low and high-bandwidth users.

conaito VoIP EVO SDK

The conaito VoIP EVO SDK contains a high performance VoIP conferencing client.


SPSS Statistics Base 21.0, is a widely used program for statistical analysis.

Data Widgets

Data Widgets is a set of six bound ActiveX controls for Microsoft Visual Basic


Edit view Restructur hex data file in byte integer float string etc.

Advanced NMEA Data Logger

Advanced NMEA Data Logger inputs NMEA data stream into files.

Data Copy Manager

Data Copy Manager is data transfer software for migrating data safely.


A comprehensive, accurate and reliable generic OBD-II scanner and diagnostic tool.

EASEUS Data Security Wizard

Powerful data encryption/decryption and data wipe software for hard disk.


DTREG is a program designed for predictive modeling and forecasting.

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