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Keyword Pad

It helps you to quickly discover new and hidden keywords.

Golden Keywords

The easiest way to find fast and accurately Golden Keywords for your web site

Adwords & Keywords

AdWords and Keywords Analyzer for Affiliate Marketers or AdWords Advertisers.


Software for taking freeform notes and writing research papers using electronic index cards. Search

Advanced Keywords Keys Explorer

Software to find the best keywords to describe your products or services online

Good Keywords v3

Increase your website ranking by using Softnik's Good Keywords tool.

Keyword Magic Professional

Discover a Keyword Tool That Helped an Affiliate Marketer.

Rank Checker

Rank Checker checks a website's rankings on google.com and google.co.uk.

Xtreme Typo Generator

It is a software that generates the keywords which are mistyped or misspelled.


It can check the page rank of your website on popular search engines

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