Related Windows Programs

Visual Attention and Tracking 2000

It was designed to provide support for individuals with attention deficits.


T.O.V.A. is a test of variables of attention application.

BrainWave Generator

Brain Wave Generator is actually a brain simulator to enhance your brain power.

SAM Party DJ

SAM DJ is a utility designed for music listening and mixing.

Static TV 3D Screensaver Free

Static TV 3D Screensaver will put a screen full of static on your desktop.

GameHouse Word Collection

A collection of three word games with a nice screen display.

Hypnosis Screensaver

Hypnosis Screensaver will take you on an inner journey to your mind.


GoogleGroupGenius is getting Google to give your links some attention.


HypnoTrainer is not a "script reader" or a simple circling spiral.

Activities and Priorities

Activities and Priorities (AAP) shows what is the most important now to keep your life balanced and

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