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P.F. and the Molten Mystery DEMO

Help Professor Fizzwizzle to find his way back to Mount Mystery

Archibald's Adventures

Archibald’s Adventures has a mission to complete over 114 levels of play

TubeTwist Quantum Flux Edition

TubeTwist will have you solving puzzles for a long, long time.

James Bond The Duel

Your name is Bond. James Bond.

Adrianne Stone Hidden Relics

Adrianne Stone Hidden Relics is a pretty challenging hidden-object game.

Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy

Explore the mystical Christopher Columbus’ missing ship in this HOG.

Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem is a fun game that improves your math skills.

Jewel Keepers - Easter Island

Jewel Keepers - Easter Island reveals the biggest secret of Easter Island.

Hide and Secret 4 - The Lost World

A combination of puzzles, hidden object scenes and inventory puzzles.

Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid

Solve the case and save the professor in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid!

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