Related Windows Programs

ViPNet Password Roulette

ViPNet Password Roulette is an absolutely free of charge password generator.

The Palette - Melody Composing Tool

The Palette program is a tool for the creation of 'theoretically


A great word game where you have to come up with the best word from 3-7 letters.

Key Maker

Keymaker is a small tool which converts a phrase into a secret password.

Weave Words

Weave Words is an excellent word-based arcade game.

Phrase Password Generator

Phrase password generator utility will help you generate your phrase.


Calculate phrase/word frequencies and word form frequencies from texts.

Type Pilot

It is a program that helps you to quickly type phrases in document.

AutoTyping Pro Edition

The Easiest Way to Speed Up Typing And Avoid Spelling Errors

Easy Text Inserter

Easy Text Inserter automate typing of repetitive phrases in any text editor

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