Related Windows Programs

Out of Your Mind

Out of Your Mind is an arcade game with a very original theme.


PRFIntermod is a scientific calculator designed to provide extra assistance.

Freak World

Help the poor mutant creatures to find the needed demutator!

Koum Kan

Koum Kan is a rummy game from Greece which can be played by two to four players

Neat Image

Neat Image is a filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in photos.


Restoration is a handy file recovery application developed by Brian Kato

Mahjong Towers Eternity

Mahjong Towers Eternity is based on a Chinese board game called Mahjong.

Color Junction

A simple but challenging game that exercises your intelligence.


The LLBLGen Pro designer and the LLBLGen Pro runtime framework

Wave Corrector DeClick

Wave Corrector removes noise from analog recordings and makes digital files

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