Related Windows Programs

Media Audio Capture

Play and resample audio from one format to another.

FRWD Replayer

The FRWD Replayer is a PC software for analysing sports performance.

Socket Workbench

Socket Workbench is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications.

Sheet Lightning

Create designs with complex intersections of many sheet material objects.


INRATION is a software package to calculate diets for ruminants.

Sequence Scanner

View, edit, print or export data created by Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysers


A modelling software for FE-analysis and design of load-bearing concrete.


AudioGuru reveals and extracts information from an audio track.

Microsoft StyleCop for ReSharper

The Plugin is a custom hosting environment for StyleCop

Top Score for Windows

Is probably the most comprehensive and easiest to use cricket statistics program

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