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With AR-media™ Plugin you can experiment the power of Augmented Reality

SaversPlanet Matrix Screensaver

SaversPlanets Matrix Screensaver brings a new reality to your desktop.

GreenFace the Virtual Reality

An fun mix of several classic games such as BoulderDash, Dig Dug, Pac Man and BomberMan. It features


ARSights aims at extending Google Earth (GE) wih AR functionality.

Fantastic Walk Screensaver

Fantastic Walk Screensaver takes you to a new reality.

Reality Launcher

Reality Launcher is an easy to use GUI for Reality Boy.

Project Reality SP Map Pack

The map pack delivers 14 maps to play only in Co-OP mode.

Matrix Reality 3D ScreenSaver

An animated screensaver based on the famous movie trilogy "The Matrix"


A free traction kite design software, download it from the website.


Outerworlds is a powerful Virtual Reality 3D Chat experience.

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