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BloomingKids Demo for Alphabet

BloomingKids Demo for Alphabet will help kids learn the alphabet and new words.


MyABCs familiarizes children with the English alphabet and a keyboard.

SmartKid - Entertaining Letters

SmartKid: Entertaining Letters allows kids to learn the alphabet and new words.

The Alphabet

The Alphabet is an application designed to teach and test all alphabet skills.

Flash Card Factory

Flash Card Factory is a program that helps you to learn foreign languages.


Convert English to Egyptian Heiroglyphics instantly.

Alphabet Names

CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised door plaques, wall plaques etc.

NHM Writer

Writing tool to produce text in 10 Indian languages using your favorite browser.

Oracle of The Runes

Consult the ancient runic oracle bu casting the rune stones.

Talking Alphabet

The perfect way for toddlers and children to learn their ABC's and 123's.

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