Related Windows Programs

Multiplayer Tapa

In this game you need to move all your pieces around the board.

EtudiX Piano Tutor

EtudiX Piano Tutor is a program to help you visually learn to play the piano.


Dam 2.2 is a checkers game for Windows 95 or newer.


Shoot all your opponent pieces into the holes before your opponent.

Multiplayer Checkers

Your goal is to capture all of your opponents pieces.

Able MIDI Editor

Powerful inexpensive piano roll MIDI Editor with precise bar-line arrangement.

3D Reversi Deluxe

Reversi is a board game involving abstract strategy and played by two players.

Jigsaw Butterflies

Jigsaw Butterflies lets you admire the beauty of these peaceful creatures.

Gem Slider

Gem Slider is a classic color matching time attack game.

Checkers Challenge

Play Checkers against your own articifial-intelligence enhanced machine.

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