Related Windows Programs

Trash Killer

Trash Killer 2 is an interesting arcade, shooter game.

I-Faker Desktop Pro

I-FAKER sends as many unique fake hits a day as your server can handle. It routes HTTP get requests

Tukanas Hits Generator

Tukanas Hits Generator 1.5 has been designed to simulate real online visitors.

JMT Orchestrator

An ultimate MIDI FX arranger for SONAR, Cubase and Finale, based on advanced technologies of Musical

Azure Web Log

Web site log analyzer. Separate statistics for every page.

GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer

GoogleSyndication Hits Analyzer - Analyze Adwords Content Network efficiency

Slingshot Challenge

Slingshot Challenge is a game in which you shoot a can to keep it in the air.


Allows the hits in a mono WAV file to be replaced with the audio from another.


Shoot all your opponent pieces into the holes before your opponent.

Hits Increaser

Hits Increaser increases the hits to your Youtube videos.

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