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Ancient Castle 3D Screensaver

Ancient Castle 3d Screensaver brings the Middle Age to your desktop.

Kohan II Kings of War

Kohan II:King of War is a real-time strategy game.

Ancient Empires Lux

Ancient Empires Lux is a computer war strategy game.

Pretty Good Solitaire - Egyptian Card Set

An add-on for "Pretty Good Solitaire", with Egyptian pictures, sounds and games.

Ancient Sudoku Deluxe

Ancient Sudoku is an addictive brainteaser puzzle.

Legion Gold

Legion Gold is a classic turn based strategy game set in ancient Rome.

Treasures Of The Ancient Cavern

Go find the ancient relics and artifacts guided by the library map!

Egyptian Pyramids 3D Screensaver

Egyptian Pyramids 3D Screensavers will take you to the land of the pharaohs.

Sky Magic

An intriguing, fast-paced and interesting puzzle game.

Mahjongg Ancient Bundle

Contains both Mahjong Ancient Egypt and Mahjong Ancient Maya.

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