Related Windows Programs

MatrikonOPC Server for Johnson Controls N2

OPC Server for integrating Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning networks.

MatrikonOPC Johnson Controls N2 Plug-In

This application offers direct access to your N2 devices.

MatrikonOPC Johnson Controls N1 Plug-In

It provides the user with connectivity to a Johnson Controls Heating system.


View distribution graphs, calculate stat. moments, quantiles, and probabilities.

Last of the patriots

Last Of The Patriots is a prototype for future games.

Agent Smith ReSharper Plugin

Agent Smith is a C# code style validation plugin for ReSharper.

DooM Legacy

Doom Legacy is a source port of Doom game available for windows.

Hydraulic Investigator

The Hydraulic Investigator is a selection guide for it's centrifugal pumps.

FFTW Library for scilab-5.1.1

FFTW is a GPL software, developed by Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson.

RCL Music Ministry

The RCL Music Ministry program was inspired by First Baptist Church of Oneida.

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