Related Windows Programs


It lets you start and stop Tor, see how much bandwidth you are consuming etc.

Tor VM

A transparent Tor proxy for Windows built with Qemu virtualization technology.

Tor Browser Bundle

Tor Browser Bundle is a set of tools that lets you access Tor network.

Mask Surf Pro

Mask Surf Pro is an anonymizer based on a highly complex technology called Tor.


OnionCat creates a transparent IP layer on top of ‚ÄčTor's hidden services.


This is a program that allows any network application to connect through Tor.


Wa-Tor for Windows is a population ecology simulation game.


Privoxy have advanced filtering for protecting privacy.

EZ Screen Recorder

EZ Screen Recorder captures your screen activity and saves it on an AVI file.

Philipp Winterberg - Berlin

A beautiful Berlin screensaver that shows more than 20 photos of Berlin.

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