Related Windows Programs

Naruto Genin Training

A neat small game where you can train to be a ninja.

ShareGuru Server

It provides realtime data for Equity, Futures, Options, Currency, Commodity.


"Ninja Pro" is the software telephone of choice for use with PCs in offices.

Shinobi 3 Returnofthe Ninja Master

Joe Musashi returns to action, and the evil Neo Zeed is back to thwart him.

The Ninja Sheep

This sheep is totally crazy. He decided to show the world that sheep can do taekwondo, sheep can do

Ninja Brawl

Have you heard about the assassins of the night? Feel like one with Ninja Brawl.


"Ninja Lite" offers Audio- and video telephony for everybody.

Ten Ton Ninja

Ten Ton Ninja is a wonderful free platform arcade.

Ninja Showdown

Ninja Showdown is a fighting game based on GI-JOE Sigma 6 characters.

Ninja Log Out!

When the program is finished the computer will shutdown.

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