Related Windows Programs

Nepali Time Machine V.2002

Monitors and converts Nepali Date and Time.

Write Nepali

This software is designed to let the user(s) to type in Nepali easily.

Nepali Unicode Environment

Nepali fonts are used to type Nepali documents, easily.

Nepali Unicode (Romanized)

Nepali unicode provides support for the given language.

nepali Toolbar

Fresh content, important news and announcements from Nepali Community.


This is a neat tool which lets you translate text from Hindi to Nepali.

Nepali Hindi Radio FM Live Toolbar

It's an utility that helps you stay connected to Internet.

Co-operative Accounting System

Cooperative Account System (Copas) is for Nepali cooperative institutions.

Nepali Date Converter

It is an easy to use nepali date converters and nepali calendar classes.

Itranslator 99

Converts ITX encoded files to Transliteration and Devanagari.

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