Related Windows Programs

Abracadabra Instant Manual

A versatile, cost effective solution for the production of manuals and "how to" instructions for any


PsychFormatica provides a DSM IV codes fully searchable database.


Displays the results on a GoogleEarth ( satellite image ) viewer screen.

MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker

Joins multiple MP3 files together to form a single "album" MP3 file.


It can adjust and monitor your CPU usage and fan noise according to your needs.

Wave Repair

Repair and restore your wave files recorded from vinyl records.

PHP Editor

PHP Editor helps you to write your programming code in PHP, SQL, Java and others

iSqFt Tiff Converter

The iSqFT Tiff Converter automates the manual conversion of CPC and CPI files.

POP3 Scan Mailbox

Checks all your POP3 mailboxes for new messages. Can easily delete any unwanted or junk mail, either

Time and Attendance Plus

Time and attendance software with automatic payroll reporting

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