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MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004

A powerful HTML editor with many advanced features.

MC-Nudes Screensaver

The MC-Nudes Screensaver brings the most beautiful women right to your desktop.

Face Beauty Rank

The software will show the results in terms of beauty and proportions.

Free Dolphin Picture Screensaver

Exotic pictures of dolphins to decorate your desktop.

Natural Beauty Screen Saver

Natural Beauty Screen Saver will bring the ocean to your desktop.

Path to Tao screensaver

Path To Tao Screensaver brings beauty and peace to your desktop.

Natures Beauty

Check out some of the most amazing locations around the world.

Summer Meadows Screensaver

Feel the warmth of lovely summer days with Summer Meadows Screensaver.

Rain ScreenSaver

Live the beauty of the rain with this great new screen saver.


Program that is based on scientific algorithms and face recognition software.

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