Related Windows Programs

Kubik - Minecraft Overlay Encyclopaedia

Kubik - a very useful program for everybody who plays Minecraft.

Yet Another Minecraft Server

A simple way to run your own Minecraft server on Windows.

MineCraft Beta Portable

Minecraft Portable is a wrapper application for the Minecraft Launcher.


Modgician will help you easily install Minecraft Mods with just a few clicks.

Planet Pack

This is a 16x16 Minecraft texture pack that stays true to the default textures.


It is an open source full-fledged Minecraft mod, texture pack and save manager.

Manic Digger

Manic Digger is an open-source implementation of block-building games.


Minutor is an easy-to-use mapping tool for Minecraft.


PerfectSphere - this little app creates voxel designs for perfect spheres.

Minecraft PRE

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine

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