Related Windows Programs

Free Script Editor

Free Script Editor 3.0 is an application designed for web developers.

Cursor Translator

Cursor Translator is a machine translation tool for Windows.


AirSnare is a network privacy and monitoring tool.


TestPath is designed to check the files you write/burn on a new CD-R

PSS Plex

Allows you to split PSS movie file into MPEG2 video and WAV audio streams.

Interface Cable Tester

This is a small utility I wrote to test the interface cables used to program

Walaber's Trampoline

Walaber's Trampoline is a jumping simulator where you can perform acrobatics.

Virtual Notifier

Virtual Notifier - Personalized Email Marketing Software


zMud is the best client for those still playing Multi-User Dungeons.

NCover Browser

It's simply an alternative view of the standard NCover XML report.

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